• Biomechanical Analysis

    Real-time capture of performance motion to provide future analysis

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  • Better Coaching Results

    Using perfomance form motion data to provide better future performance outcomes

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  • Data Driven

    Collected data captures the dynamic elements of each movement contributing insight into improved form for better performance.

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Welcome to recap

ReCap is exploring innovations in biomechanics, data collection and analysis. The end result will be better performance outcomes in athletics as well as other body motion related disciplines.

About Us

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Potential of Biomechanics

Ever since motion capture first made its way into Hollywood and ESPN, the potential of motion capture has been well known. Real-time measurement and kinematic analysis of the human body’s movements is used in a wide variety of fields, including sports, military, entertainment, and medical applications. Despite this potential, motion capture remains largely inaccessible outside of research institutions, high-end sports facilities, and large studios.


Our Reticulated Solution

Developed by Christopher Schroeck and internationally renowned biomechanics expert Dr Antonie van den Bogert, ReCap is the most mobile motion capture wearable available, offering laboratory grade accuracy at a fraction of the price. ReCap’s compression clothing can collect data in the field and offer live, remote form monitoring to help identify form that can hurt performance and even raise the risk of injury

Unlock Better Data

Before, almost all of the fitness data your body generated was unseen, untracked, and unutilized. Not any more. We capture biometric data from the source: your muscles, your shape, your movement... This data is your key to unlocking the most effective and efficient fitness decisions possible.

Contact Us

For more information contact us at info@recapmotion.com